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should i message them again or am i just being really clingy and annoying: a life story by me


you could really fuck with your baby if you get something embarrassing tattooed on the top of their head when they’re born and don’t tell them then they go bald 50 years later like what the fuck



Selkies are seals that can transform into humans to come onto land. They do this by removing their skins which they leave behind rocks. There are many stories from the Shetland Islands of Scotland of the Selkie and the king of Selkies the Great Selkie of Sule Skerry.

Female Selkies can shed their skin to become a beautiful woman enabling them to walk on land and blend in with society. If a man finds the skin of a female Selkie he has the power to own the Selkie as his wife. The Selkie will usually be a good wife with some sadness in her heart, a longing to return to the sea. If the female Selkie is able to recover her seal skin she will immediately head for the sea, transform into a seal and return to her original home.

Male Selkies are also known to be able to control the weather and create storms across the ocean. They do this with the intent to destroy hunting ships in revenge of their fellow seal friends that are hunted and killed.


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Party Post! Happy Birthday John and Jane! For your present I gave you a Dad, I’m doing this human birthday thing right, right?

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hope i was the cutest at the con even if i certainly wasn’t

hey look i met this cool no face again at japan touch haru

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Favorite music videos 1/

Studio Killers - Eros and Apollo